Sub-laboratory in Sinan

High precision application

BDS/GNSS Open Laboratory of Sinan was provide services to the application and research units in the field of high precision satellite navigation in Shanghai and the whole country, including high precision BeiDou/GNSS services in the field of mapping and geographic information, field robotics, auto and auxiliary driving, and so on.

BDS/GNSS Open Laboratory settled in Shanghai has unique advantages: high precision GNSS technology has been recognized by the industry as one of the highest satellite navigation technology. At present, Shanghai has formed BeiDou high precision enterprises that represented by ComNav Technology Ltd. and Qianxun Position, and has formed a complete BeiDou high precision industrial chain. And ComNav Technology Ltd. has a high precision core technology R&D ability and technical team in the domestic and even the whole world. The BeiDou/GNSS high precision industry has become one of the most likely directions in the development of the satellite navigation industry in Shanghai. Secondly, the BeiDou industry in Shanghai has reached the forefront of the national strategy in the "the belt and road" strategy. Take the ComNav Technology Ltd. as an example, it’s BeiDou high-precision products based on market demand have taken the lead in exporting abroad. These products have to be sold to more than 80 countries and regions.


Contacts: Su Xianli

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Contact Address: NO.2 Building, NO.618 Chengliu Middle Road, Jiading district, Shanghai.