Sub-laboratory in Quanzhou

Service BeiDou maritime data application

BDS/GNSS Open Laboratory of Quanzhou was constructing and operating by Fujian BeiDou Navigation Technology Research Institute. BDS/GNSS Open Laboratory of Quanzhou positioning the first BeiDou marine equipment detection center and data application center construction services in China. The acquisition, analysis and application of BeiDou navigation positioning data for Shipboard Navigation Terminals by joint universities and enterprises. At the same time, it based on the geographical and policy advantages of Quanzhou as the starting point of the Silk Road with the strategy of " the belt and road". Seizing the opportunity that central government support Fujian to accelerate the development of the maritime silk road core area, Quanzhou sub-laboratory was committed to promoting cross-strait and the sea along the Silk Road economic zone along the national Beidou international talent training, application and exchange.

Contacts: Huang Kai

Contact Number: 13328651522/0595-28783788

Contact Address: F9 CNC Technological Innovation, Fujian, Quanzhou.