Service support center

As the Services and security platforms of BDS/GNSS Open Laboratory, BDS/GNSS Open Laboratory of service center will ensure and promoting the normal operation of the open laboratory and by constructing and integrating the online platforms and promoting the collaborative innovation, and it will implement the unified planning and unified management of each sub-laboratory for formatting the sustainable ecological pattern of the sub-laboratory is the regional radiation center, and gathering the national advantage resources to promote of the development of the industrial region of the BeiDou industry.

Meanwhile, Centering on the development plan of the government for innovation service , improving the capacity of public services in service parks, training innovative professionals in service colleges and universities, and building up our own innovative and sustainable personnel channels,BDS/GNSS Open Laboratory of service center will work together to build a new model for the integration of the military and the people with win-win cooperation between governments, parks, universities and enterprises.


Contacts:Pengwei Wang

Contact Number:181 3392 0990/029—89688656

Contact Address:the 7th floor of Tower C of HangChuang International Plaza, Shenzhou-4, the national civil space base in xi 'an, shaanxi province