Sub-laboratory in Xi'an

BDS/GNSS Open Laboratory of Xi'an, joint established by Satellite Navigation Product Testing Center of Xi’an National Civil Aerospace Industry Base and Beijing Satellite Navigation Center and the Institute of Electromechanical Engineering and Automation of The National University of Defense Technology, construction of which was completed and put into operation in 2014, and provided the foreign service nearly 4000 hours in all. Based on the platform advantage of national civil space,BDS/GNSS Open Laboratory of Xi'an can provide service for the navigation industry development in the northwestern region of china, and provide key technical indicators testing and functional testing of satellite navigation receiver dual-use strategy, and also provide Antenna testing, transceiver channel and link testing, and anti-interference ability testing of satellite navigation receiver in complex electromagnetic environment

Meanwhile, combining the geographical and policy advantages of Xi 'an in the "One Belt And One Road" national development strategy of the land silk road economic belt,BDS/GNSS Open Laboratory of Xi’an is actively promoting the application of international cooperation and promotion in the construction of the One Belt And One Road, and it will help the construction of satellite navigation terminal and location service industry chain, advance the BeiDou satellite space benchmark system chain and the demonstration area of the BeiDou industry in National Civil Aerospace Industry Base.


Contacts:Zhao Ying

Contact Number:158-2972-5178/029-8523 7101

Contact Address:the 7th floor of Tower C of HangChuang International Plaza,Shenzhou-4,the national civil space base in xi'an,shaanxi province.